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The Sensory Gym is a cutting edge paediatric occupational therapy practice with Colleen Hacker, MS, OTR as its clinical director.  The staff at The Sensory Gym specialise in sensory integration, sound therapy programs, and DIR®/Floortime™.   
The approaches utilised at The Sensory Gym are often helpful with challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Disorders of Behaviour and Conduct, Mood Disorders, Learning Difficulties, Developmental Dyspraxia, and general developmental challenges.
Services provided include occupational therapy assessment, ongoing treatment, and unique “intensive” therapy programs.  The Sensory Gym is committed to excellence in service delivery, respect for every individual, and the power of possibility.
Mission Statement
We believe in providing the highest quality of service possible to children and families. We respect the individuality of each child and each family; we value the gifts that each child has to offer. We look for beauty and strength, and we are never disappointed. We honour the child, not the challenge, and seek to support the child in showing and being all that he/she really is.  We recognize the power that belief, hope and love hold in the therapeutic process. We believe in what is possible, in what can be.